Mining and Rewards

Earning a NCash token is multidimensional. Multiple complex equations are involved to calculate the earnings over a period of time. However, we will provide some simplified concepts for the community to cover their expected earnings.​ In this context, when it comes to reward we have kept in mind every possible stakeholder of our network.

How will you earn NCash token from Nitro Ion Miners?

  • The Nitro Network rewards miners and nesters for building network infrastructure and providing wireless coverage. They are rewarded in Nitro Network’s native Token which is NCash. ​

  • Apart from the above, there are rewards for providing coverage, validation, data governance and security​.

How do Miners and Nesters earn NCash?

Infrastructure Reward

Reward Type


Network Infrastructure Mining Reward​

Rewarded to the Miner and Nester for financing different assets such as Nitro ION Miners and underutilized space ​respectively.​

Network Coverage Validation reward​

Awarded to Nesters whose Nitro Ion Miners respond to Sentinels - a compliance mechanism of the Nitro Operating System ( NOS ) that takes place every 30 minutes, for actively participating in the system.

Validator staking reward​

Awarded to the people who participate in the Nitro validator staking programs. Distributed as per staked value and then current rate.

Data Network Reward

Reward Type


Network Data Transfer ​

Distributed to Nitro ION Miners that route data for sensors on the Network actively. The amount of NCash is allocated proportionally based on the amount of data a Hotspot transferred.​

Data, Security and Network Governance​

Awarded to enterprise developers, miners and community for reporting, issue resolving and making the data network highly secure. ​

Team and Investors

Reward Type


Genesis Node rewards​

Distributed to NCash holders who participate in Genesis Staking program​

Ecosystem rewards​

To be awarded to developers, core team members and key investors​

NCash will follow a mint-and-burn equilibrium model. The NCash minted will be utilized primarily for three things - Building Infrastructure, Data Network Rewards and Team & Investors. Each of these three major segments contain smaller units. For the first year infrastructure is 41%, Data Network is 24% and Team & Investors is 35%​. We will achieve this target using the parameter EPOCH*

NCash will be minted every 30 minutes and will get distributed in different subsections of infrastructure, data network and team & investors. More information will be provided regarding this soon.

*Epoch = 30 minutes

This will be distribution for the same:

Reward Type


Infrastructure Rewards


Network Infrastructure Mining Reward


Network Coverage Validation Reward


Validator Staking Reward​


Data Network Rewards


Network Data Transfer

Upto 50%

Data, Security and Network Governance

Upto 50%

Team and Investors


Genesis Node Rewards


Ecosystem Rewards





  • The Network Infrastructure Mining Reward gets distributed to Miners and Nesters in the ratio of 80:20.

  • The Network Coverage Validation Reward gets distributed based on how many times ION sensors respond to NOS (Nitro Operating System) sentinels.

  • Validator Staking Reward is for people who participate in the Nitro staking program and earn as per current APR and amount staked.

  • Network Data Transfer is dependent on data usage and data packets transfer data. The above mentioned percent is the upper limit for the same. In that case also, Miners and Nesters both get rewarded at the ratio of 80:20 of mining rewards by a particular ION miner.

  • Minting of NCash tokens is subject to market conditions and factors which may have adverse impact for the community and company. Under certain conditions, minting and distribution of NCash will be controlled by Nitro Network, keeping every stakeholder’s benefits into consideration.

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