NFM (Origin NFTs)

1. Is Nitro Bot Army a new NFT collection offered by Nitro Network?

Yes. Read more about Nitro Bot Army here.

2. How many NFTs are there in this new Nitro Bot Army collection in total?

The total supply is 10,000 NFTs

3. Will all 10,000 NFTs be available for sale?

These 10,000 collections will be listed for sale in 5 mint. The number of NFTs in each mint will differ.

4. Is it on the Avalanche chain?

No. It will be on the Ethereum chain. Ethereum has a vast NFT community and we would like to expand our ecosystem to NFT lovers of Ethereum Chain.

5. Where will it be listed for public sale?

It will be listed on Opensea only for public sale.

6. When will it be listed for public sale?

On 28th Feb

7. Is there any whitelist program to get the NFT before the public sale?

Yes, find the details at -

8. What benefits does a whitelist get?

The NFT whitelist gives you early access to Nitro Bot NFTs at a lower price.

9. Nitro Network launched NFM (Non-fungible miner) as a digital miner in the form of NFT in 2022. What will happen to those?

We have minted 2500+ NFM so far. These NFMs will be referred to as Origin NFTs. Our Origin NFT will continue to enjoy high rewards per EPOCH by staking.

10. What is the difference between the Nitro Bot Army collection and NFM (Origin NFTs)?

Nitro Bot Army is the second generation of NFMs (Origin NFTs). NFMs (Origin NFTs) are on the Avalanche chain while Nitro Bot Army will be on Ethereum. Second, NFMs (Origin NFTs) will earn higher rewards upon staking to our platform (currently ICONIC earns ~96 NCash, PREMIUM earns 80 NCash and TOP earns 24 NCash per EPOCH), Nitro Bot Army collection will earn between 10–15 NCash per EPOCH* upon staking and will earn other rewards through community programs and airdrops. Also, NFM (Origin NFTs) will enjoy the Network Data transfer reward allocated for them, unlike Nitro Bot Army.

11. Will NFM (Origin NFTs) get the benefits of utilities offered under the Nitro BoT Army collection?

Yes, NFM (Origin NFTs) will get all the benefits of utilities that the Nitro BoT Army has. But in order to participate in certain community programs and airdrops they will need Nitro Bot Army NFTs. More details regarding these programs will be released later when the programs go live.

12. Will NFM (Origin NFTs) no longer be available for sale?

NFM (Orgin NFTs) will be the highest reward-earning NFT of Nitro Network. These are available in limited numbers now and for a limited time period. After these, Origin NFT will not be up for sale. Grab them here.

13. Explain the reward distribution between NFM (Origin NFTs) and Nitro Bot Army.

Network Infrastructure Mining Reward pool for NFTs (80% allocated to NFTs)869,200,000 NCash


Nitro Bot Army

Pool Allocation



ICONIC (60%)*

260,760,000 NCash

434,600,000 NCash

PREMIUM (38%)*

165,148,000 NCash

TOP (2%)*

8,692,000 NCash


434,600,000 NCash

434,600,000 NCash


  1. Considering the limited number for NFM (Origin NFTs) the percentage allocation for different category of NFMs have been updated. A higher percentage has been allocated to ICONIC (from 42% to 60%) and PREMIUM (from 33% to 38%) to benefit our early joiners. TOP has been minted less in number, hence allocation has been reduced for that.

  2. These allocation are subject to change with mint process and new drops.

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