Organizationally Unique Identifier

Each Network Server on the Nitro Network acquires an Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI).

Join-request and join-accept messages

To participate in the Nitro Network, each end-device has to be personalized and activated.

A LoRaWAN device can be defined by (AppEui, DevEui) and DevAddrs has to be allocated during the join procedure.

The join-request/accept messages are used by the over-the-air activation procedure for roaming purposes.

Join-request message

The join procedure is always initiated from the end-device by sending a join-request message.

Join-accept message

The network server will respond to the join-request message with a join-accept message if the end-device is permitted to join a network.

Data Stored in the End-Device after Activation

After activation, the following information is stored in the end-device: a device address (DevAddr), an application identifier (AppEUI), a network session key (NwkSKey), and an application session key (AppSKey).

The DevAddr identifies the end-device within the current network.

DevAddr consists of a network identifier and network address.

The network identifier (NwkID) used to separate addresses of territorially overlapping networks of different network operators and to remedy roaming issues.

The network address (NwkAddr) of the end-device, can be arbitrarily assigned by the network manager.

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