1. What is Nesting?

Nesting is equivalent to hosting a network. Whoever participates in nesting and becomes a verified host on Nitro Network is called the nester. The Nitro platform enables this process of nesting, creating a synergy among people hosting the network across the world, enabling them to earn from their location. Read more here 1. 2.

2. Why Nesting?

"Nesting ensures that we have strong connectivity in a defined radius of coverage area with a minimum number of Nitro ION Miners. It addresses the two prime issues that can stand in the way of earning from a decentralized network. Network congestion - Normally the placement of miners are scattered and unoptimized. This creates network congestion in areas which are densely populated with miners, while there is weak coverage in other areas where there are less miners or no miners at all. Inequitable distribution of rewards- Due to uneven distribution of miners, multiple miners compete for a piece of the same pie when it comes to rewards. By confining the radius and limiting the number of miners per radius, we are not only optimizing the resource utilization but also making sure every participant gets maximum rewards.

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3. Who is a Nester?

Anybody who hosts the Nitro Network is a Nester. You can host your "nest" through the Nitro Platform anywhere in the world. You become a Nester when your location/address is verified and approved by the Nitro Network platform by fulfilling the required criteria.

4. Why should you become a Nester?

Becoming a Nester on Nitro Network has many benefits.

  1. You can earn NCash effortlessly

  2. Your location is your source of wealth.

  3. It requires minimum investment. All you require is a small, unutilized space in your home/office, good WiFi connectivity and power supply.

5. What are the steps for becoming a Nester?

You can become a Nester in 4 simple steps:

  1. Register your location of hosting Nitro Ion Miner

  2. Complete the KYC verification process for your eligible

  3. Nitro will verify your location based on your KYC data

  4. Pay refundable security deposit to receive your hosting device- Nitro ION Miner

Become a “nest"

6. How many Nesters will be there?

In Phase 1, we are deploying Nitro ION Miner to 1000 Nests in cities of the USA and India and these are tier-1 cities.

  1. United States (Los Angeles (CA), Miami (FL), New York City (NY))

  2. India (Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi)

7. When will the Nesting KYC for other cities begin?

Upon successful completion of deployment to the first 1000 Nesters, we will start phase 2 and will open the KYC process for other cities. But make sure you register today only, registration is open for all. Announcements will be made on our social channels for the same.

8. Do Nesters in specific locations have more benefits?

Nesting rewards are based on location. We have categorized cities into a Tier structure based on certain parameters such as population, infrastructure, footfall etc. More precisely, cities are categorized into Tier 1 (Iconic Tier) , Tier 2 ( Premium Tier) and Tier 3 (Top Location) in descending order. This means, if your current location falls in the Tier 1 category your rewards will be optimized as compared to Tier 2 or Tier 3 locations, simply by being in a prime location. There are rewards for Tier 2 or Tier 3 locations too! We have built the Tier structure in a way where everybody wins!

9. Can there be multiple Nesters in the same place?

No. There can be only 1 Nester in a radius of 1 km

10. How much does a Nester earn?

The first 1000 Nesters of phase 1 will earn ~182 NCash per EPOCH (This is potential reward and subject to many factors related to Nesting. If the number of Nesters change, reward may vary as well).

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