Access and configure NNIONGIN

The NNIONGIN is configured as a WiFi Access Point by factory default. You can access and configure the NNIONGIN after connecting to its WiFi network or via its WAN Ethernet port.

1. Find the IP address of NNIONGIN

1.1 Connect via WiFi

At the first boot of NNIONGIN, it will auto-generate a WiFi network called NitroGW-Idr-xxxxxx with the password: ******

Users can use a PC to connect to this WiFi network. The PC will get an IP address, and the NNIONGIN has the default IP

1.2 Connect via Ethernet with DHCP IP from the router

Alternatively, connect the NNIONGIN Ethernet port to your router, and NNIONGIN will obtain an IP address from your router. In the router's management portal, you should be able to find what IP address the router has assigned to the NNIONGIN. You can also use this IP to connect.

1.3 Connect via WiFi with DHCP IP from the router

If the NNIONGIN already connects to the router via WiFi, users can use the WiFi IP to connect to NNIONGIN.

2. Access configure web UI

Web Interface

  1. Open a browser on the PC and type the NNIONGIN ip address (depends on your connect method) (Access via WiFi AP network) or

  2. http://IP_ADDRESS or http:// IP_ADDRESS:8000. You will see the login interface of NNIONGIN as shown below.

The account details for Web Login are:

Username: admin

Password: ******

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