NCash is the native cryptocurrency and protocol token of the Nitro Network. Its symbol is NCash. NCash is an AVAX native token that functions as a currency in the Nitro Network ecosystem.

As Nitro Network's token, NCash creates the base for reward systems, incentive programs and liquidity programs. Currently, total supply of NCash is 10 billion. NCash is listed on following exchanges:​

NCash- Token Usage

The NCash token is designed to serve the needs of the three parties primarily in the Nitro Network PCN (private communication network) ecosystem.

  1. Nester: Mines NCash for hosting the Nitro ION Miner, maintaining the uptime and ensuring the network coverage in the respective area.

  2. Miner: Mines NCash for facilitating the PCN infrastructure building and by participating in community incentive programs.

  3. Enterprises and Developers​: Use Nitro Network to connect devices and build IoT applications. NOS which is a USD-pegged utility token derived from NCash in a burn transaction, are used to pay transaction fees for wireless data transmissions on the network (in addition to things like adding Hotspots and sending).​

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